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Hey there! It's been almost a month since my last rampant journal entry, so I thought I'd grace you all with another one. Oh and yet again, hello to new watchers! And thanks very much for watching and faving things when something catches your eye :].

I love getting watches and faves, it makes me feel like I'm doing something right with the art I try to do. And don't you all feel even more special when some of those people are really talented? I get massive satisfaction and confidence from them, and lovely criticizing comments. Really, at first I'm like "pvvsh what do you know." then it makes sense and I appreciate you all even more. So thank you all that support me and will continue to support, it means alot :heart:!


Well its been less than a month, about 27 days since I've gotten my DSLR and I'm proud to announce I've got most of the functions figured out! Yay, random fiddling every now and then has led me to understand what F-numbers go with what Shutter speeds. That's a major thing I've learnt, and now M for manual mode is my favourite. And bulb! OMG! That is the most friggin awesome thing ever.

Night photographs, wow. Has anyone tried that? 10seconds, largest aperture your camera can possibly go and voila! STARS! And a tripod really helps. My dad dug out a really old one he used to have, magical. Really looking forward to sometime going out into the hills or jells park or something and take some amazing photos.


Urg, well. Year 12, final year of high school before some more study. Sorta scaring me already. Work load seems alright, better than this time last year. I read a journal of past me complaining haha xD. But it seems okay for now. Hopefully I won't burn out by the end of the year when it all counts :]


Haha, christmas shoot didn't go to plan as I had hoped. First I came late to the shoot. It rained, drizzling, but a lot of drizzle. Drizzle ;D. Hopefully I'll combine it with this years Christmas shoot if I'm still here and have a mass upload then. Sorry if anyone was waiting for that.

If anyone's been on the website at all, it's pretty much a flop. Our 'tech' guy, isn't as techy as we thought, and a lot lazier. So that's why it looks the same. Anyone want to volunteer to help us out? Cause that would be so awesome. We'd most likely compensate for your time and effort in some sort of benefit. If anyone's willing, please give a shout.

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Victoria Kaisimmon Tang
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Current Residence: Melbourne.
Favourite genre of music: indieee rock bandwagon.


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